Cosmetic Dental Treatments

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Esthetic services enable us to enhance just about every aspect of your smile. Dr. Ahilya enjoys presenting smile makeover plans that include cosmetic dental treatments like porcelain veneers, laser whitening, or limited orthodontics.

Whether you need just a few silver fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings, Veneers, or complete mouth rehabilitation, we can provide the smile that you've been looking for - one that you'll be thrilled to show the world! Modern dental techniques have made it easier than ever for you to get a stunning, life-enhancing smile.

Come to us for advice on the best treatment for improving the appearance of your teeth and your smile with :

  • Esthetic limited orthodontics

  • Tooth Diamonds

  • Tooth-coloured fillings

  • Composites

  • CAD CAM assisted Ceramic veneers for discolored, chipped or cracked teeth

  • All ceramic crowns

  • Gum recontouring for gummy smile

  • Smile design

  • Laser tooth whitening - Zoom advanced, the latest in in-office bleaching

Smile Designing

For every smile design analysis, we begin with a visual evaluation and a personal consultation. Your likes, dislikes and expectations are addressed, then your lip line, facial shape, jaw angle and eye symmetry are examined. We believe all these factors play a role in designing your perfect natural smile.

If you have any concerns or are self-conscious about the shape, shade, size, color or position of your teeth call us at 91 22 22618444

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